Fantastic Friday Folks

We Will Warmly Welcome the Weekend… Woohoo!!

Sadly, this is what I do at 3:30am when I can’t sleep.. I start thinking of aliterations..  and then, when it becomes too much, i switch the TV on.. Last night however, I had a great idea. I remembered my couple and thought this would be a cool shot.. 😀


So much going on….

Yesterday, my hubby and his dad had to sign papers about life support for his mom and were questioned about funeral arrangements etc… Let’s just say, it was another tough night. Luckily my daughter had a dinner date, so it gave DH and I time to talk. I think my mom will come up at some point next week and stay through September.. They told us it could happen anytime within the next two weeks..

We’re so exhauted today…


My kid is performing in a mini production of  Hello Dolly today at the HAFT Auditorium at F.I.T, in New York. It’s a free event, so you can drop by.. It begins at 4:00pm..

Then we almost forgot, we are going to see Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj tonight… I would be more excited, except i’m sooo tired.. 😦

So have a Fantastic Friday!!