Rainy Sunday

Didn’t do much yesterday but it was ok.  We needed the rest.. It’s been quite an emotional journey and “doing nothing” was a good option, even if only for a few hours..



My mother-in-law is fading quickly. She’s really not eating now. Throwing up anything that goes in.. I feel so sorry for her (not pity but helpless)..  It was so terrible, that we are now contemplating whether to continue taking our daughter to see her. HOWEVER, my MIL keeps asking for her when we’re there and since she’s still in “good” sense, we think it’s important that our daughter is there to just say “I love you grandma” and to kiss her each time, for it may be the last time.. Yesterday was tough though. I saw my daughter’s face.. We tried to talk to her afterwards but I don’t think she was fully honest..


Well here’s to another week!!!  My mother should arrive at some point this week.. That will put a smile on my daughter’s face. The get along nicely..