Last Night Sunset was breathtaking

Last night’s sunset was amazing!!

I laid in bed for a bit.. just emotionally exhausted from the day and physically tired from the night before (some needed friend intervention).. My bedroom window overlooks the Manhattan Skyline and when there’s a fiery sunset, the light reflects on my white walls…ย  Last night the Sunset was Golden..

Tired and wondering how many sunset can one person photograph, i got off the bed and grabbed my Kodak Z650 (@kodakcommunity will be happy for all my plugs this week) and took a few shots..

It’s amazing how photography is so therapeutic to me. I am not the best at it, nor do I take the time (or have the time) to improve my techniques and skills but I am honestly so happy, each and everytime i pick up a camera.. It’s never about getting the proper exposure or the perfect composition. I have no one to answer to but myself.

Some people read, some do yoga, some play farmville – I take photos and alot of the time, I also give them away..

Wishing everyone an absolutely wonderful weekend..

I may need to cry at some point but for now, I shall be smiling with today’s post…

Love and hugs