Fund Raiser inspired

Saturday, I held a Fund Raiser for a kid in my neighbourhood who has aplastic anemia.. I sold some of my photo prints. It’s been such a tough journey for her and one and half weeks ago, she had life saving surgery due to an infection.. We’re not very close to the family but the way I look at it – if i were in that situation, i’d like to know that someone would help raise money for me..


So anyways, one of my neighbours came over to pick up her print and said in jest, “you know, i’d really like something unique for over my bar”.. It got me to thinking and well we were having a quiet Saturday, trying to recoop from the week (didn’t visit MIL today), so I took this shot..

It’s funny how inspired and motivated you can get. I trust the Kodak Z650. I know it’s setting and stability with water droplets. Like I said, I used to be obsessed with it.. This wasn’t the ultimate shot I will give to my neighbour but wanted to share..


ps: my MIL didn’t even know we were in the room on Friday 😦


Take Care