Our Lady of Consolation

My mother-in-law passed away last night.. 😦

No matter how much we watched her suffer and talked about her going in peace, it is still so very difficult.  I’m not sure where i’m headed with this post.. Just wanted to update everyone who’s been following our story.


We said our goodbyes the day before. We were with family and friends last night when we got the message that she had passed. It was a moment of great relief and sorrow and despair at the same time.. 

My daughter cried (finally) on my shoulder and then her dad’s… Our son just stood there with his girlfriend. We just need to focus on the next couple of days and then focus on my father-in-law and on the kids..

Thank you for all condolences.


The Pixel Clan

ps: that’s a photo of the Lady of Consolation Statue outside the Home.. (photographing the soul of a statue is something that I also enjoy)