Emotionally Shut Down

Yesterday, was probably the most difficult day i’ve had in a very long time. Waking up to the reality that I’ll never see my mother-in-law again was really tough. Having to ensure that my hubby was okay, since he had to go out to meet his dad to make arrangements.

Getting into work and having to deal with my Staff’s well wishes and not breaking down.. I am afterall AT WORK!! Spent a better part of the day, scanning old photos for the memorial…

Then dealing with our son (yes we have a son whom I don’t mention. He’s my hubby’s son (our son) but older and out of the house, hence no juicy gossip to blog about)… but he came into the office and had a nervous breakdown, so I had to comfort him, while trying NOT to breakdown…

Then getting home and waiting for my hubby to return and listening to his day.. Well obviously, I can’t breakdown now… he needed me to be strong and listen.. The last thing he needed was me losing it.. O_o

So this morning I woke up and pretty much shut the world out.. Holding it together as much as I can because I just realised………….. I’m not sure when it will be my turn….

Thanks for reading