What I’ve learnt..

1. I’ve learnt that friendship can stand the test of time

My Father-in-law and these guys have been friends for over 70 years. They were all in his bridal party, over 50 years ago and they all showed up to support him when he said goodbye. (They’re a lively bunch O_o)

2. Family Matters and come together during hard times

All families have issues, including mine but we rallied through this weekend together. Being civil and supportive.. It was great to see all the grandkids just playing together

3. We will get through this because SHE’s NOT SUFFERING anymore..

Death is really tough on the living but we have our memories, photos, each other.. The last 10 years have been difficult for her (like i’ve mentioned in my blog) but the last few weeks have just been really really horrible. I’m glad to know she’s at peace and looking down on us…

4. My Strength

I am as strong as I am weak.. I saw that during this. I cried… I cried alot.. but I stood.. I carried on.. I supported my family when they needed me to.

But best of all I learnt this week was…

5. My mother-in-law loved me

This was said to me over and over again as I was hugged.. “you were her heart” one of her friends said.. She always talked about you..

She was one tough cookie but i guess i got under her skin.. hehe!! I can giggle because you guys never got to meet her.. She was an amazing mother, wife, cook and friend… I will miss our “manicure” time – our gossip time.. but the memories are something no one can take away…