I miss my Nikon D90

This was one of the last photos on the memory card i removed…

I finally sent it out for repair. Don’t know when I’ll have it back. It’ll depend on what’s wrong with it and what parts are needed/available (that’s what the expert said)… 

I’m so heart broken!! You see, I saved for a long time to buy that camera. This was money which was not allocated “home/child expense” money.. hehe!!  So the option to “just get a new one or upgrade” is not really an option..

I wish I had a Nikon Fairy, like in the Faily Odd Parents, then I could just wish for one and it’ll appear in my mailbox like magic..

Yes, I know, this is a mindless wallowing in self pity post… But please bring my D90 back…  (where’s justin when you need him)..

Oh I’m also out of inspiration for photos… I need tp do something spectacular with this Kodak M590 i’ve been trying out, to ensure that I don’t fall into a rut..

OH and by the way, I offered my services to shoot a wedding with a friend in the next few weeks. Boy am I gonna rock out my point and shoot.. mwahahahaha!! I may have to re-tract that offer…

Have a great day