Chinatown New York

Last night we into Chinatown for dinner. Such an adventure but the big question is always WHERE TO EAT??

We love to try new places but when we’re there, it becomes a huge blur.. everything looks pretty much the same. Not many enticing decor to draw your eyes to, mostly just the basic in seating arrangements, lots of Asian people (so that must be a plus.. haha)  But really….. how do you choose a place to eat in Chinatown?? We didn’t plan it, so there was no Yelping or Googling.. Should we look for ducks hanging in the window??

Well we didn’t get there until about 8:00pm because we had a previous appointment in New Jersey (that’s a whole other post) so the determining factor was finding a parking spot and then realising the meter was until midnight and it only gave you one hour. So pretty much, we picked the closest restaurant to the parked car. O_o

I believe the name was Shanghai Astor Manor. The dumplings were delicious. Service was good. NO alcohol O_o.. but lots of refills on tea. Pretty busy place..

I love going into Chinatown, it feels like another world. My mom wants to return during the day to walk around and “buy stuff”… I told her that she’s going to get arrested… HAHAHA!!

Anyways, Happy Day Before Friday


ps: photos taken with Kodak M590