A not-so Surprise Visit

My Daughter’s “boyfriend” came to visit yesterday. Boyfriend in quotation marks because he lives in another state, they see each other maybe once every other month – just for a day… BUT i admire their friendship. They’re both easy going, no drama kids.

They met two Easters ago in Aruba while vacationing and because of Social Media, kept in touch.. Then one day, she said he asked her “out”.. I said “out where O_o? you’re in two different states”..  They seem to make it work..

The entire summer went by and they haven’t seen each other once. He’s busy with soccer, she’s busy with her life.. So he hopped a bus for one day.. How sweet was that?


Well Folks, that was my happy feel good Friday Post. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. All my New York friends be safe…



We’re taking my Father-in-law to spend the weekend with us at our home in CT. He loves it there but hasn’t been able to visit for over 2 years because of my mother-in-law’s illness. He never wanted to leave her, even for a weekend. It’ll be wonderful and sad at the same time….