Calm before the storm

Not a single breeze to be felt or ‘seen”.

Our home in Connecticut is covered with trees; I look up and the leaves aren’t even moving.. The air is still.. It’s humid, damp and began to rain around 9:30am here.


Saw this fawn yesterday on our drive up. (wishing I had a zoom lens but took this anyway with my phone).. My mom was very excited to see them.

We also saw a buck and his horns were really big.. BUT no luck getting a photo of him.

This morning I went for a walk with my coffee and took a few shots with the Kodak M590.. I really like the colors in the photos. Everything was muddy, the frogs were underwater, no bees or butterflies, no birds… But I found me a mushroom..

Not much to do today but hang out in the house. I have my father-in-law and my mother with us.. We’re trapped with a Chef, so chances are it will be an eating orgy the next two days..

Stay safe everyone and to all my photographer friends —- PLEASE PLEASE keep in mind that NO PHOTO is worth your life.. so be careful..

Luv you all