Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates Independence Day

Trinidad and Tobago were one of those countries in the British colony who became a part of the post war, decolonization process. They got their independence on 31st August 1962. Once a British Colony, it is very much a part of Commonwealth now. It was the 31st August when the Union Jack was lowered to declare Trinidad and Tobago an independent nation.

A Collection of photos of the Trinidad I love

Christopher Colombus got Trinidad noticed to the world in 1498. That is when the Trinidad became a colony of Spain. As far as Tobago is concerned, the Dutch had claim to fame in invading this island. Tobago also saw French invasion with Spain as its allies. Later British colonies were settled in Trinidad in 1802 and in Tobago in 1814. It was in 1888 that Trinidad and Tobago was made a single entity. This country was so prone to colonization because of the rich minerals not forgetting crude oil. However, a single country with a history of so many countries trying to build their colonies takes a toll on the common people. The independence on 31st August brought a sigh of relief in the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my Trini Family and Friends… Thinking of you all, sitting on the beach, sipping on Rum and Coke (yes, already got the texts – jealous)