Last night I took a Gamble

I gambled on the fact that I could pull this off… HA! I had a really really long day but we got through it. We’re a good team, DH and I..   Last night, tired, aching, I realised that I hadn’t taken a photo of the day. Laying in bed, DH suggested the pair of dice. Immediately, I got excited.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I used my Nikon CoolPix P5100. The Manual settings on this is actually quite dependable. This camera is really the cadillac of point and shoot, a step beneath those SLRs.  So anyways, using the light from the television; a tanktop for the base, I just kept rolling the pairs of dice (or is it dices or die). Geez!!

I laugh at myself because I always think of my friends when I do stuff like this because they are so much more technical than I am. I have the vision and the words but they execute the shots beautifully. DH and I were commenting on how Brent and Shaz would have gotten up, set up lighting in the bedroom and actually take the time to use a tripod.. My shot was with a point and shoot, hand held in right, toss dice with left and light from the TV… 

I am the sexy cave-woman carving the wheel, they make the wheel turn… I love my friends. I love their drive to succeed. OH WAIT!! how did this turn into a blog post about them… (I must miss them – a get-together is needed)

I am a great Dice Roller (another fact about Pixel you guys didn’t know)..  I am awesome at Craps.

Luv and hugs. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend