End of Summer; Fight Procrastination; Read a Book Day

P H E W!!!!  Too too much for a little brain to handle. Especially coming off a long weekend and being thrown to the wolves (aka needy clients) who obviously can’t think for themselves.

Can’t believe Summer has “officially” ended. I am thankful that we can still use the boat through to Columbus Day. The water gets chilly but atleast we can hang.

Today is Fight Procrastination Day: well I tell you that it’s taking every ounce of concentration to get through today. Two Centers called with health inspections, we had a chicken delivery (as exciting as it sounds O_o).. so i really really wish I can phase out.

It is also Read a Book Day: well, if you guys saw my desk, you will understand that there is no way in hell i am going to read anything after I walk out this door.. All i see are letters, numbers and words..


I’m having an almond cookie for my break. Thought I’d treat myself  a little. Phones haven’t rung in about 7 minutes, so I’ve used that time to update here.. (seeeeeee no procrastinating for me) HAHA!!

Hugs to everyone!!  I know I say that at the end of my posts but I really do love to give hugs. Chances are if we met, I would hug you..