Labour Day Parade NYC

Is there a better way to celebrate “Labour Day” than by actually labouring?? O_o  My company has been Catering the annual Union Labor Day Parade in New York City for the past 12 years (or so)..

The menu usually consists of “easy to eat” items which the participants take with them along the route. Sandwich, Apple, Loaf Cake, Bottled Water…  One of the largest group we’ve ever catered to along the parade route was a whopping 2,500 people… It sounds overwhelming but this is what we do..

After 9/11 it became a little more difficult with check points and permits and I believe one year they didn’t actually didnt hold the parade because it fell too close to the anniversary.. My thoughts are with all of you who were affected as I go about my “regular crazy” day today.



Wishing everyone a great Saturday