Promise Ring

My hubby gave a “promise ring” to our daughter for her 16th Birthday…

Honestly, I laughed at the idea. O_o… He gave it to her during their father/daughter dance..  He said, that the most he can do is ask.. It doesn’t mean anything but a promise. He has that relationship with her..

She’s been wearing the ring everyday, since Saturday.. hmmm.

I love their relationship. They have a respect for each other that’s been developed over the years. He’s always been upfront with her and he’s her open book of “what boys do and like”.. Makes for interesting dinner conversations because my hubby was no saint..

I know you guys will read this and think that my hubby and I are crazy!! We’re not!! We’re being parents. The fate of our child is our responsibility.. I like the idea of the promise ring. It works for us; probably won’t for other people.

I’m so proud of my hubby for taking that initiative..

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