Always be prepared

I read once in National Geographic, “when photographing wildlife, always take a shot with the lens you have attached, so you capture “something”, rather than take the time to change lens and have nothing to shoot”…

This is soo true.. How many times, I’ve done this and realise the moment’s gone… Well yesterday I had that moment and I absolutely LOVE the photo I got..

I was helping my hubby clear off the deck and heard rustling.. I casually said, “oh must be a deer close by”.. I glanced across the driveway and there he was. I immediately yelled in a whispering voice “get my camera bag” (not just the camera but the bag, knowing full well that I still had my 50mm attached and would need to switch lens).. I took the advice given by the “experts” and took the first couple of shots with the attached lens, then I realised the deer wasn’t moving.

I decided to switch lens and move closer, expecting it to run away. Then I saw it was a family of 4. I’m giggling to myself because I’m trying to be as quiet as I can to take a few more shots and realising, I needed to change my manual settings etc.. very funny. Me and the deer are now having a stare down. He was now across the street in the bushes and I didn’t know what would happen next, which direction he’d run (or not run)… Soon after, he scampered back across the street, that was when I panned the camera with him and captured this..

I’ve been obsessing over photographer Mattias Klum  ever since I saw his King Cobra shot in National Geographic, so needless to say, i walked around the house that afternnon talking about being inspired.. haha!! Boy am i delusioned. hehe

It was a fun, exciting few moments for me.. However, I must point out that I’m really sad that the deer didn’t run away. It means that they’re not afraid of humans.. Breaks my heart. 😦

So here’s to me pretending I was on that Safari (hey, it could happen)