Square Eggs

Yes it is possible…

My hubby kept telling us about this project he did in culinary school regarding square eggs (ok ok we didn’t believe him)..  My hubby is into gadgets. I think we have every food related gadget in our homes. Like babes in candyland, my daughter and I sat there in amazment, like watching a magician pull a bird out of a hat, instead he produced a square egg.. LOL..

I was very excited to share for my project365 because I wonder how many people actually know it’s even possible.. By the way, the egg tasted no differently. HA!

But doing what we do best, we decided to play with our food a bit more and this was the outcome.

Yesterday, someone said to me, that “I was lucky my 16 year old daughter still wanted to hang around and have dinner with us.”  I don’t understand, is she supposed to go hang on the streets and eat pizza with her friends? Family are meant to spend time with each other, even if it’s for silly things like making a square eggs..

So hope my silly food post puts a smile on face today.

ps: all you food photographers out there gasping at my blue counter and blue plate… *breathe, it’s okay*