Wine Lover

I Love To Cook With Wine, Sometimes I Put It In The Food 

I’ve learnt alot about wine over the years through DH. He is such a lover of wine. He’s shown me that there’s more to wine than merlots and chardonnays (although we drink quite a bit of those). We’ve had wines from all over the world, the expected French, California and Australia but have grown as fans of South African and Argentinian Wines.  I often photograph the wines we drink not because of the love of photography but because to remember the names of the wines.  I’ve often wondered if anyone (outside the wine community knows of these wines). DH purchases alot of boutique wines along the way. 

We’ve had wines that cost over hundreds of dollars and we’ve had wines that cost under ten.. It’s all about your taste. It’s all about that moment.. I can tell a bad wine or one that’s been sitting open in a restaurant for two long. We very rarely buy wine by the glass for this reason. DH says it’s because we’re Wine-os and just want to finish a full bottle.

We can finish a good bottle between us over dinner; other nights, we’ll settle for just a glass.

So cheers to getting to know me a little more.