Socrates Park

Socrates Park is a little park in Long Island City. Hidden away. Unless you’re googling “interesting places” or someone tells you about it, chances are you’ll never stumble upon it. My friend came to visit me at work and we took a stroll here..

Interesting – Weird – Fun – Beautiful – Inspiring – Amazed – blank stares – Laughter

just a few words to describe our walk yesterday.. Between the two of us, not sure who’s less into interpretin art. So needless to say, there was alot of cricket chirping going on.. O_o  I think the theme was somewhere along the lines of  Doors/Doorways which was the obvious but who really knows..

My favorite “piece” at the park was this one….

Beautiful isn’t it?? until you read it what it was made of.. I’ll leave it to your imagination and hopefully peak your interest to make a visit yourself.. hehe

I love that we can take photo walks together. We have two different POV in photography. So our collaborative efforts produce some amazing shots.. I like the “full picture”, she likes the “intimate view”.. I complain about wanting blue skies, she teases me about fixing it in photoshop, knowing full well I don’t.. so that’s become a running joke.. I truly enjoy our friendship and our mutual love of photography.

Here’s another fave:

So if you’re ever in Long Island City, New York, just at the corner or Broadway and Vernon Blvd, look up, you may see a crane hoisting a piece of art into the park.. Even if you’re not into the arts, the view is spectacular.

Here’s to another NYC Tour by Pixel..