It’s Friday

Didn’t shoot anything worthwhile yesterday. Layed in bed last night and was just too drained to even try..

Had a doctors appointment and i’m pretty certain the nurse is an aspiring vampire, she was enjoying drawing blood a little too much. Infact, she seem overjoyed that the doctor ordered double the amount to be taken.. Anyways enough of me blabbing about my issues..

This was an idea I had for last night, hoping to create a beautiful bokeh shot to share with you guys. This morning inbetween yelling at teenager about the choice of pants for dress down today and hurry up and feeding the cats, so I can get to work on time for the inspection, I succumbed to just settling for a post-it note saying it’s Friday..

BUT if you look closely, there is a hidden treat.. Again, my crazy life always fustrates me that I don’t have time to truly plan out and execute my shot the way I’d like. Look closely, right above Friday is a litte “Pix Bokeh” just for you guys..

Wish me luck with our Meals On Wheels inspection. We run a clean operation but they always nit pick about something..

Have a wonderful weekend..