Kiss me under the umbrella

Call me a hopeless romantic but I think that is the most wonderful thing a guy can do.. Something magical about it raining and he’s holding the umbrella and suddenly the moment’s right and you kiss.. For everyone to see, in a world where only the two of you exist.. sigh……..

Then there’s the photographer in me who steps up and says “WHAT A WASTED MOMENT!!” hehehe… It’s just one of those “candid” shots worth taking.  It just seems that moments like those should be captured… OH WAIT!! am i back to being a hopeless romatic again.. darn!!

It poured in New York on Friday night. Upon leaving Bahari on Broadway in Astoria, I saw a couple and thought “why didn’t I have my camera ready. it was perfect..

I saw this little figurine at a neighbour’s house and knew I had to take a photo, even if it meant trampling on his lawn.. Ooops. I loved the bokeh it created almost like “rain drops of love”… sorry getting all mushy again.. -__-

Well here’s to another Manic Monday