When you are waiting for a train, don’t keep perpetually looking to see if it is coming. The time of its arrival is the business of the conductor, not yours. It will not come any sooner for all your nervous glances and your impatient pacing, and you will save strength if you will keep quiet. After we discover that the people who sit still on a long railroad journey reach that journey’s end at precisely the same time as those who “fuss” continually, we have a valuable piece of information which we should not fail to put to practical use.  ~  ANNA C. BRACKETT, The Technique of Rest  ~

I wait for my hubby ALL THE TIME!! it used to be fustrating, now it’s okay.. I’ve learnt not to stress about it.. We always end up where we need to be and in hind sight, the drive could’ve been more enjoyable without us being upset..

Instead, i’ve learnt to use the time waiting, to observe, to photograph, to spy; whatever one chooses to call it. HA!

Last night, sitting in the car, i couldn’t help but notice the sparkly reflection of the street light on the car infront of me.. So what if I freak out the woman walking with her kid – she thought I was photographing her O_o.. In the end, I got a pretty photo and a funny memory.. Yes folks, these things only happen to me..

Well happy Day Before Friday