I actually don’t know what to write today.. I have photos and this is a “Project365 Photo Blog” but for the first time, I have no reference. I think I’m just tired from a night of jabbing my hubby for his snoring. O_o

So let’s talk WINE!!

As you guys know by my posts, I LOVE wine.. We have a wonderful relationship.. I would choose wine over beer or pepsi. HA! yep true fact..

Do I have a favorite white wine? Not really, I know what I enjoy.  A Savignon would always please me but give me a chilled glass of Torrontes and you had me at hello..

I began a Food Blog – Last Night’s Dinner and a friend asked me about a Wine I had listed.. It was a typical wine question, one that I hadn’t an answer for.. He said that he always thought of White Wine as a Summer Wine and what would I recommend for colder months.

I don’t know enough to recommend but I know this much – drink what you like, whenever you like and with whatever you like.

Yes, it is true that different wines will taste better (or worse) when paired with food. Yes, I may LOVE a wine that you would HATE.. Wine is Personal..  I think people automatically picture Chardonnay when they think of white wines and it’s not for everyone and it surely is a wine that requires food.

Some of the whites we drink include Albarino, Gruner Viltliner, Gerwetz tramiener, Vinho Verde just to name a few. We love boutique wines and have made it a point to explore as we stumble upon them.

O_o yes folks, this was yet another mindless Friday post.

Busy Busy weekend for me.

Have a good one