The first one I ever attended.. It’s pretty much what I do during the summer at my country home but on a larger, more organized scale.. O_o

But seriously, this was so much fun, I can’t wait for next year to take a bunch of my drunken friends and kick butt at the Dizzy Bat contest.. You drink beer, spin around 5 times with your head on a bat, then run across the way to drink yet another glass of beer, then run back to tag your partner.. O_o  Sounds like my kinda thing..  Not really but it does photograph well.. HAHA!!

Obviously, I chose this photo, so as to not plaster this guy’s face on my blog.. LOL..

Some people fell over, some zig zagged to the other side, some drank all the beer while some let it just fall to the sides of their mouth. I haven’t laughed this much in a while. I photographed the event and didn’t have a single sip of beer, so this was genuine giggles from me. HAHA!!

This was my Saturday morning.. That evening I catered an Event. I was D E A D.. my poor feet.. However, it was a sucessful day of combining my passions for photograpy, catering, meeting people, laughter..