A tree is only as strong as its roots

Over the past few months, I think we’ve been dealing with the literal meaning.. Bad weather have caused the uprooting of so many trees, destroying homes, cars and causing deaths.  We even lost one of our giant Sequoia Trees last month..

We need to do something about the trees on our property.. However, we live in an area that is protected and requires us to file paperwork if we have to cut down trees.. Last storm that came through, made us very nervous but they survived. 

But on another note, figuratively speaking, I do believe that the Family Tree needs to be grounded. I see the breaking down of branches in my own family. I no longer have the energy to nurture my tree. It seemed like I did all the gardening.. On my hubby side, after my MIL passed, i see the distance between him and his brother.. While it wasn’t the strongest of relationships, SHE was our roots.. She held us together. YEP, she yelled alot.. HA!! Lately, I feel like i’m supposed to fill that spot… I can only try..

Anyways, had a busy day yesterday after what seemed like a never ending Saturday and not too much sleep, so I decided to photograph this on our driveway..

Thanks for reading.. Seems like a really boring post. HA