Moon was gorgeous

Thankfully, I still need a photo for yesterday, so I decided to grab a shot..

I wonder if there’s really “men on the moon”?? Is it really made of cheese?? Did the cow actually jump over it??

These are questions which plagued me as a kid (truth be told, I still wonder sometimes) but not being wealthy and growing up in a Third World country, I’m pretty certain “astronaut” was not on my list of things I wanted to do.. I figured someone will give me the answers eventually..

It was a thrill to meet Buzz Aldrin last year.. YEP!! I just stared into his eyes, wishing I could have seen what he saw.. Creepy I know..  Well he gave me a hug.. sigh..


I’ve been quite busy lately, so haven’t been “procrastinating” much. I’ll catch up with everyone over the weekend.