Photographing Pets

Meet TC – the unwilling model

Funny that today Kodak’s Tip was on photographing animals – they obviously haven’t met my pet.. TC is very needy, needy of/for attention.. So i try to follow their instructions..

1. Be Patient – hmmm. any more patience and I’ll fall over waiting for him to comply or be in a pose that I like

2. Use Props to focus attention – well you try doing that with a camera in one hand and a cat that thinks you want to play..

3. Shoot at Eye Level – which eye?? mine or his?? when I stand up, he walks up to me, when I bend down to his level, he comes up to kiss me.. O_o

4. Get Close – obviously haven’t read #3… i think I need the Cat Whisperer intervention

5. Show your pet in action – mwahahahaha HANG ON… mwahahaha I have one fat lazy-A$$ cat..

6. Take lots of photos – FINALLY!!! an instruction that makes sense.


So yeah!! Here’s my photo for today… He’s quite handsome isn’t he?? The friendliest cat you can meet. Had him as a baby from North Shore.. He thinks I’m his mother.. Really he does!! I “groomed” him as a baby.. Obviously, couldn’t lick him, so I used a wet papertowel.. 8 years later, he still asks for it.. Lays down and purrs.. I’ve been meaning to video tape it.. pretty awesome..  He’s a lap cat.. doesn’t need much but love.


Sorry @KodakGallery but I LOVED your piece and thought it was a great way to share.