Firstly, let me start off by saying that I lean more to the procrastination side of the bar.. (jsut saying)

B O R I N G – or let’s file that: B G I N O R

I spent most of my day FILING yesterday.. actually I was organizing..  This is what Gal Friday’s were invented for. Infact, I googled “gal friday’ and it turns out they can be virtual and even burlesque… WOWZA!!!  Gotta remember to get me one of those.

While I’m at it, it decided to google “how to file”… Good Grief – there’s soo much information about this.. There’s even a “” i wonder if it comes in a “for dummies version”…I’m trying to focus but how can I?? I need to read these posts, in case I”m doing it incorrectly.. O_o

Then I was faced with Alphabetizing… Does “St Charles” come before “Steinway”… If four Clients are being paid from the same office, should I make ONE file or four separate files??

Information overload,  I had to walk away.. so i switched on the Food Channel.. That’s when it all went downhill… Mario Batali was on and his passion for food mirrors my hubby.. So I spent an hour watching him.. This is what happens when you’re your own boss.. Sadly, you know what’s actual priority and you keep pushing papers around, since there is no deadline. Came into the office today, with boxes on the floor.. 😦

YEP Folks, another mindless Friday post from Pix.

Wishing you all a wonderful FALL weekend. Get out and procrastinate with your family and friends. I recommend it.