Taste the Rainbow (Fishes)

Sometimes Parenting is quite difficult and you need to figure out a way to find middle ground to get back to normalcy.. Friday was a big “lecture day” to my teenage daughter but I’m not one to hold a grudge nor is she. We move on (to some degree). I know she doesn’t hate me and she knows where I stand..

So Saturday, to ease some of the tension, we both sat and ate Gold (rainbow) Fishes and watched Ghost Whisperer. Then I had a cool idea for a photo.

I hope that other teenage kids and their parents can do what she and I do. It’s tough but LOVE is our foundation. My wanting what’s best for her and she knowing that I’m always right does help.. HEHE!! ok ok I’ll stop.

But I love my daughter and I will fight to the end to ensure that she rises above the influence.