My Jack O’Lantern 2011

This is my carved pumpkin…

Other than photography, I also absolutely enjoy carving pumpkins and wrapping presents. There was a time that I wanted to wrap presents “professionally” for people at Christmas time. Imagine being paid to do that??? But I easily digress…

Carving pumpkins is very exciting. First you have to pick a design. I’ve been wanting to do a spider web for a while. On a scale of 1-5 this was a 5 but I found it quite easy. I usually carve the pumpkin by myself, singing along to 80s love song (nobody else is at home)… Being the first to see it come to life is an extraordinary feeling (almost as great as finding a shot on your camera you don’t rememeber taking hehe)..

My hubby and daughter loves this one!! So that’s all that matters..

Last night it was a painful night but I made it.. Today I see the neurologist, so hopefully we can atleast pinpoint something.. I’m not nervous. God deals you the hand he knows you can play with..

I’d love to know your thoughts on my jack o’lantern..