Also known as the festival of lights is celebrated around the world by the Hindu community. It’s usually mid-October to the beginning of November. It marks the beginning of the New Year.

Diwali or Deepavali means “rows of lighted lamps”.. On Diwali night, people lights hundreds of oil lamps called “diyas” around their homes.  It is believed that the more lights they lit, the greater the chance of Goddess Lakshmi will visit their home, ensuring good luck for the new year..

********************  What did all this mean to me as a child???

We woke up very early BEFORE 6:00am.. Took showers and I believe we ate breakfast.. Then the rest of the day was spent preparing for that evening.. Cooking and cleaning…

But the best memories was laying out the diyas, even though I spent hours cutting “wick”, it was worth it because the more I had to cut, implied how many diyas we were setting up… My dad always made designs in the yard with Bamboo.. Then we set out to fill them with Ghee.. Yes Folks, we used ghee.. Then that became expesive and we switched to oil, now I believe people use the tea lights..

Nothing can ever remove that smell of the ghee as the wick burned… It’s such a warm memory, I’ll always have as I picture my dad’s face all lit up.. Proud in his “art” – happy to see us running around…

We fasted that day.. NOTHING!!!! so 6:00pm couldn’t come quickly enough.. we were too busy to actually be starving but at the same time, very hungry but not for food.. I was always the first one to grab sweets: gelabi and ludoo.. Even to this day my family talks about that..

Then we opened our home to our neighbours, friends and other family. Feasted on Vegetarian dinner that was finger licking delicious.. The kids ran around re-lighting diyas, hoping to keep them lit all night..

Oh I forgot to mention, we got gifts!!!!


I no longer celebrate Diwali for I am not Hindu. My daughter will never have those memories.. But thankful that I do have the availability to expose her to the different cultures and she embraces them as her own.

Have a wonderful Day