October Winter Storm

YES FOLKS!! A NorEaster slaps us in the face. BOOM!!

It actualy over shadowed my day at the Photography Expo at Jacob Javits. I really thought I’d use a photo from that but the storm was bigger news.. Since, I share alot of shots “from my bedroom window”, I thought it only appropriate to show you the nitty gritty ones also..

I love this photo. It looks so industrial. Absolutely not resemblance to my sunset or morning sunrise photos from the same window…

I sat there for a while with phone in hand, waiting to hear from my hubby and daughter. They had gone to Pennsylvania and the weather was awful on their drive back. I decided to work on my stalking technique HAHA!! I captured a few shots that I really loved..

This one in particular… Let’s call it PINK POLKA DOTS.

Well I do hope all of my friends on the North East weather through the storm.. We actually had tree and powerlines down on our property but will talk more about it in my next post.. So please check link..