Our Saviour and Angels

Our home felt the wrath of yesterday’s winter storm. Luckily we decided to stay in the city.. Even though the tree didn’t hit the house, the jerk at my heart, knowing that if it did, my daughter would’ve been asleep in her bed.. So I’m am very thankful today..

Thankful for my angels who watched over my home. Thankful for my friends/angels who came to our rescue and drove up to help us clean up.. Thankful for my neighbour who came to our aide with his chainsaw and made our task so much easier..

It was quite scary driving to our home today. It looked like a war zone. I’m trying to figure out how to share the photos wtih you guys without inundating this post with them but here’s a few..

That’s my daughter’s Bedroom window and this is said tree. You can also see some of the power lines.

This was the view from upstairs.

The winter wonderland at the back of the house… A tree fell there also, flattening our bordering forsyntias..


What was surreal was watching the beautiful fall colors covered in snow.. hmmmm!! pretty and weird at the same time.