Halloween Night

Halloween is no longer a huge deal for us.. I realised it this year, when my 16 year old decided to go hang with her friends. My hubby is not really into the whole “dressing up’ thing. He did it because of her. Although, while in character, he stayed in character. Quite funny.  So this year, our plan was to dress up and go visit his dad in the hospital but we both worked late and since we didn’t have to “worry about kid”, we decided to just go out to dinner and got back in time to hand out candy at home..

I FEEL SOOOOO OLD….. O_o  I belong in Greenwich Village.. I love the excitement.. So I did the only thing that I knew would cheer me up.. Photography.

My daughter had a fabulous time. Posted some photos on her facebook that will indeed come down, once I stalk her profile but I was happy she got home safely. Her transition to adulthood.. Egads!!

Well that’s all Folks.. Another long day at the office..