Shooting Range

Parenting Question: would you or would you not allow your 16yr old daughter to go to a shooting range??

I did..

However, I’m still at odds with the decision. Her adopted brother gave this trip to her as a birthday gift. He goes often and she had asked.. We said it was okay and her dad went along.

I am not against her trying it but I think I am against her having conversation with her friends about it.. So not sure where that leaves me. We are very open with our kid. We allow her to experience and explore ON OUR TERMS; WITH OUR GUIDANCE. She actually did quite well and was very excited to tell me all about it when she returned.. I kept the conversationvery toned down, since I didnt’ want her to think she earned “bragging rights”..

I grew up in a home where my dad was an avid hunter. We had guns in the house. Keep in mind this was Trinidad. Never once did us kids think we had the liberty to touch them nor engage the thought of using them. But living in America, is a different cup of tea. We have kids with no supervision; we have kids with no outlook on life; we have kids with no direction.. So I consider my decisions carefully..

I don’t think my daughter is the gun toting type of chick but after Columbine, we all had to take a step back and think about what our children are up to when they’re not with us. BUT THERE LIES THE PROBLEM!! Alot of parents are not involved with their kids lives and don’t have a clue about what they’re doing.. Quite sad if you ask me..

So would I allow her to do it again?? Probably.. with my husband or her brother.. Would I make it a weekly activity? Definitely not… Would I allow her to take a friend along? NEVER..

So this is my post today.. Let’s talk parenting, the Pixel way.. It’s the only way I know. Not sure if I’m doing it right but I know where my child is every night at 10:00pm.