Let’s talk Marraige

It seems to be headlining this week.. Not that I’m one to follow tabloids or celebrities but how can you avoid it when it’s on Prime Time News.. Grrrr..

Whatever happened to the white picket fence and the walking off into the golden sunset of old age together.. For better or worse, in sickness and in health and dare I say it “for richer or poorer”..

Well as we know, times have changed.. The traditional home is not the norm any more.. I am soo okay with that.. I get it!! I mean, i wouldn’t be married now, if my hubby didn’t get a divorce first.. O_o.. His marraige was love-less and life-less.. So NO, I’m not against divorce…

But I am against NOT giving the sanctity of marraige a real try. Why even enter into that state, if you are not really marrying for the long haul. Whether that changes in a couple years or not atleast it was in your mind “for the distance”..  Did you hear about the 2 year contract marraiges, hoping to become a trend?? What’s that about?? Then why get married..

I got married because I wanted to retire and travel with this man around the world.. I swear!! I see us doing this.. I have, no no WE have a plan.. Our marraige is by no means a happy one.. Infact, I’m surprised we haven’t gotten divorced yet.. There are times when I think we don’t belong together. I think we’ve grown apart.. Then there are times when I KNOW we are perfect for each other.. We work at our marraige.. We argue (mostly over business) alot but at the end of the day, we have a daughter who needs us both.. A life plan that we both really want..  We are hard workers!

Come on let’s face it… I’m never gonna find anyone perfect. Not the entire package, so why sacrifice one thing I don’t like only to find something that annoys me in another person..


So please stop telling me how unhappy said celebrity is or how it impacts said celebrity life.. WTF!! Kids are starving in Ethiopia. People are stilling living in tents in Haiti.. Let’s make a difference in the world and stop this trivial behaviour..

And Congress has to THINK about legalizing Gay Marraige.. Give me an effing break. Atleast they want to be married for the right reasons…

Oh i’m sorry… I think I’m beginnning to rant.. I’ll stop now.