Easy Saturday

Spent the day cleaning closet.. Out with the old, nothing new to bring in.. HAHA

Didnt photograph anything really, except for the sunset which I post too many of on here.. then I remembered I did take this photo earlier.. The sun was beaming on my flower pots which sit on my window sill. The petals shimmered and the texture just popped.. Not sure if I captured that or not but atleast it’s not a sunset. HA!!

I had some great laughs with myself.. Found a photo we had taken with Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartmann.. They used to eat in a deli my hubby managered years back.. They became friends, so when they had come to New York, we went to see them and said a quick hi..

Then I found a couple photos of me in my Carnival Costumes.. O_o Let’s end here on that note…

Happy Saturday to all