Inspired by a Fortune


Spending my Sunday at home in the city.. a Very Rare thing indeed.. BUT we still have no power at our CT home, so we couldn’t go home this weekend.. We “behave” differently here… I love our “Country” life, we’re more outdoor-sy there.. Here, my hubby feels compelled to work on bills while watching football, my daughter doing homework and pretty much being a couch potato.. There, she’s outside..

Me on the other hand, just a different place and time.. I play with my camera like I always do. Not very inspired these last few days. Lots going on with me but it’s amazing how inspiration can come from the weirdest of things.. While organizing the kitchen draw, I came across this fortune.. Not sure why I kept it but it made sense to me..

So HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Enjoy every last second of it for soon it shall be “day that must not be named”.. hehe