Day Laborers

At 7:30 am any given morning on your way to your daily activities, you see them..  A dozen men wait on the corner, until a man in a pick-up truck pulls over, gets out, and points to two of them. They climb in the back. The truck drives to a construction site where the men work for a mere $$$/hour wage.

The weather makes no difference. It may impact the quantity of men there but be certain there will always be a few, with less work to go around, the lives of day laborers have become a test of wits, patience and hope.

I see them everyday on my way to work and say to myself “atleast, they’re up and trying. Instead of staying at home or at a bar”.. I often wonder how long they stand there for.. I mean, when do you realise that no one will pick you up? Does disappointment set in? How do you go home to your family with nothing, only to raise again the next morning to do it all again?

I found this inspiring story online: The Angel of Queens  How amazing is this man and his family to help by serving food the these men.

I know it’s a battle in some neighbourhoods where the congregation of the men obstruct traffic and pedestrians, so yes, I understand both sides.. I’m not sure where the middle ground lies. To be honest, if I’m walking I sometimes cross the street, to avoid being spoken to..

HOWEVER, they have become a part of our culture.. in this land of freedom.. So what do we do?

Boy am I glad that I’m not a politician.

HAPPY MONDAY my friends