I get turned on when..

I see photos like this in Food Magazines…   O_o 

I absolutely do.. Some of my favorite food magazines are Food Arts and CaterSource. I’m not sure I actually read the articles (I do I do, jk), I simply love to stare at the photographs..

Food for me is so visual.. I enjoy dining out on tasting menus or Chef’s Tables or at restaurants that make a point to add height to their food… I think I eat too much because I’m always excited to try everything on the menu..

Flipping through food magazines is like running though a meadow of flowers with sun rays beaming down, vibrant colors that make you smell the aroma that’s before you.. OK I swear, I didn’t drink any alcohol this morning and I don’t smoke. I simply love food photographs.. I often wonder about making a  portfolio of food photos but it takes set up time, something I don’t have much of. But then I ask myself, what then??

Honestly, I think anything to do with food excites me.. I even bought body chocolate once BUT that’s another story. I enjoy Food Expos, Wine Tastings, Food Tastings, Food Events.. I enjoy photographing them. I enjoy interacting with other Lovers (of food).. I would love to have a job where I encompassed all of these things.

So now that I’ve made myself absolutely hungry and feel like i’m in a drunken state. I think I’ll end here.