Do I need it?? Do I yearn for it? not really… I have a cup in the morning but that’s about it.. BUT TODAY, it seems different.. I feel rushed, I feel overwhelmed, I feel anxiety… So I went for the big guns – CAPPUCCINO

My desk is cluttered and papers are strewn across the floor while trying to organize “TURKEY WEEK” for my Seniors.. I’m pretty organized and it will not be a huge deal but the initial back and forth is mentally challenging.. So I’m dealing with that…

Had my doctor’s appointment which should have been scheduled in October, yesterday… Not great news but not bad news.. Too personal to share on here but I’m not dying yet, so chances are I’ll keep posting for a while..  O_o

In a matter of three days, I’ve been asked to do four (4) photography gigs.. I’ve turned down two, only because I will not be physically able to handle them back to back.. I’ll be photographing the Marine’s Corp Ball tomorrow night (fancy schmancy) and on Friday, i’m photographing the New York City Veterans Parade..

All the while trying to re-organize things at our CT home due to the power outage last week and trying to not be an insane mother to my teenager.. I think I was a horrible mom this week.. I may have over-reacted to an incident..  So all in all, I’m a bit stressed to say the least.. No wonder my “other doctors” can’t find anything wrong – it’s all stress!! HA

So this is my crazy post for today.. As you can tell, I pretty much just grabbed my camera and shot..