Broccoli Rabe

My daughter walks into the room, immediately says “is that broccoli rabe I smell?”

Me: Yes *in a very monotone – ok here we go again tone”

Daughter: “You’re killing me slowly”

Me: “Nobody ever died from eating broccoli rabe”

Daughter: “There’s always a first time and falls to ground”

Me: “but you haven’t even had it yet” hahahahaha

What Vegetable didn’t you like as a kid??

I remember there was one in particular called “Carailee” in Trinidad; “Goya champuru” in Japan… BITTER AS HELL!! not that i’ve tasted hell but still.. YUCK!!

So I wonder why I torment my daughter like this.. Why do i force her to eat broccoli rabe?? Because I still can..

HAHA!! I sound like Evil Mom