Night time construction

is keeping me up!!

And apparently, it’s doing the same to everyone else in my building.. They’ve decided to start a petition.. O_o

Construction has been going on for a few months already but for the last couple of days, it’s been almost 24 hrs, makingh the last 2 days, pretty horrendous to sleep. Let begin with the bright lights which stream into our windows and the pounding drills and machines..

So I was approached this morning to photograph the situation.. O_o  mwahaha.. I laugh because that was going to be my photo last night but Iwas too tired to set up the shot I wanted, so I ended up taking this one this morning..

I have found it quite interesting to watch the entire construction unfold.. Watching them lay down the new track makes you truly admire these men. The precision, the ease of the machines doing what they were invented for and watching it done is just WOW!!..

OH right, back to my “oh i’m so opposed this noise” scenario.. .HAHAHA!! as you guys probably know by now, I’m more of the lemonade making kind of gal when life gives me lemons BUT i add Vodka to mine..

I couldn’t sleep also but they have to do this to stay on schedule, it’s not like the guys who sit around the blue print, snickers and says “let’s screw with the sleep cycle of the people in woodside”.. Hopefully, it eases up before we (and by “we” i mean them), protest to stop it and then instead of completing in 5 years, it goes on for 5 more years.. Again, my little protestors think of the immediate and not the long term.

So here’s to a fabulous Sunday.

HUGS to all