Macy’s Windows

are quite magical this year…  MOVING MARIONETTES!!

Since my daughter’s rehearsals are in that area, I’ve been going to view Macy’s Windows everyday.. I just love them.. I love watching the kids be captivated by them

Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your town.. Sometimes it’s great to be a New Yorker.. These evenings – I’m both.

I am soo excited about the Parade this year, listening to my daughter’s own excitement heighten with each passing day.  I’ve already seen and heard what she learnt almost a billion times, over dinner, on the train, in the car…..

It was tough to photograph because of the moving parts and the millions of people trying to do the same thing.. Then those who insist on standing infront of it.. hehehe.. Like I said, I JUST LOVE BEING A NEW YORKER!!!

The Holiday Season is the best.. My daughter compares me to the Crazy Target Lady in the commecial.