Isn’t this a Magical photo

It seems that way to me and it’s one of my favorite photos that I took at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

It was a MAGICAL DAY!!

We had to drop off my daughter at 7:00am to the Museum of Natural History.. She was so siked. I love the Thanksgiving Parade and always attend to take photos. This year, I was dropping off MY KID to be a part of the event.. pretty cool..

A quick kiss and she was shuffled off with the group.. I headed downtown to “find a spot”… I was crowded already at 7:00am.. WOW!!  I didn’t actualy stop to take any photos. I had to find somewhere that would give me access to leave  and get to her quickly, since we had to pick them up soon after the televised performance on 34th Street. I found an area on 40th and 6th Avenue, there was a subway entrance right there. So I set up camp – just me my backpack and my step stool..

And then it began!!

Woo Hoo!!! I truly love parades and I am discovering that I am loving photographing them..  There’s just so much LIFE and moments to capture..

Before you know it her group was almost infront of me.. Everyone on the street next to me at this point, knew her name and her color.. As you group marched by they all shouted her name and yelled and clapped… Like I said, it was magical.. BUT alas, I have no phot0s to share because yet again, my daughter makes me cry with pride and I can’t bear to watch her perform through a lens.. So0 I watched her and smile as we “almost” made eye contact.. It was impossible for her to see me amongst a crowd of thousands but she knows I was there, cheering her on.. I have proof…. hehehe

I didn’t get to see all the balloons and the rest of the parade because I had to leave and find my way to 33rd street to collect her.. I miss Santa Claus but I did get a fantastic shot of Celo Green and Scotty McGreevy and few others I”m obviously to old to know.. HA!!

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to share a fantastic meal… WE DID!!

Stuffed Mushrooms and Stuffed Artichoke are my favorite dishes and I cried a bit because my mother-in-law was not there and she’ll never make them for me.. However, she passed on her recipes to me and I am in charge of those dishes now.. Everyone LOVED them.

So Hugs to all…