Every family have their own tradition.. I’ve had to fight to create some for my immediate family.. Every holiday is/was spent with my in-laws. Over the years, it has just become another day of forced gathering, when we all know, we’d rather just be in our own homes.. BUT is is done because the matriach says it must…

I just didn’t want that to be our memory of Thanksgiving. I wanted it to be special for me, my daughter and my hubby. So for the past 10 years or so, since we bought our house, I convinced him that we should host our own dinner on that Saturday after… We started off small, baking a chicken and making fancy side dishes.. BUT as the years went by, it became more traditional..

Waking up early, starting the turkey, setting the table, even using the “good” cutlery… JUST US THREE!!!

For lunch that day, we’d have antipasto and wine.. My kid hung around, we’d watch a movie.. It was what WE wanted to do, be thankful to have each other and be able to spend that time together..

I know I won’t have many of those left, as I come to the slow realisation that my daughter is growing up but I know she’ll remember these things. I’ve made it a point to make the little things matter..

I think I drank too much today.. Fall wines are one of our favorite seasonal to drink.. Then we watched another  movie.. Furious Five – gotta love bald mean.. hahaha!!

Well here’s to traditions – whatever they may be