Wide Angle Close Ups

My inspiration last weekend, came from an article I read on just that.. Sounds like a strange concept but the images you capture truly are beautiful.. I decided to take a walk with lens I own but never used HA!!

For those of you who’ve been following my blog posts, you know that I LOVE the “whole picture”. I enjoy macros and all those stunning shallow depth of field shots etc but for me, photography is about telling a story, not just isolating the subject..

So this article truly sparked interest.  I especially LOVED this paragraph:

“what macro photography doesn’t do is show the environment and setting of that subject. Natural subjects don’t exist in a vacuum. They always have a specific place and environment. It’s only by using a wide-angle up close to them that we can feature and highlight the subject while still showing it has a place to live.”

It is sooo true.. I feel that way about photography.. I love people in their element, cups on a table, cars on the streets.. It was exciting, almost giddy to be out shooting with a specific goal in mind.. Still trying to figure out comp0sition but knowing that your subject is the world around you, brought a silly smile to my face.

I am always amazed how photography makes me happy.. I listened to an interview with Mary J Blige this weekend on CBS Sunday morning and she said, while growing up, she always felt the need to sing, so she’d just go down to the docks and sing.. It was when she felt whole, when she felt happiest…

That’s Photography to me.. It is my medium…