Plays with Food

That would be her American Indian Name… She’s quite the ham at the table..

Last night was a good night at the dinner table.. Equivalent to Night at Roxbury, except for the bobbing heads.. hehehe.

She was pumped up about her drama club. Came home, requesting a sewing machine for Christmas. All excited to tell us that she asked her drama teacher if she could design and MAKE the costumes for the School Play.. WOW!! Needless, to say, i’m bursting at the seams (pun intended) because I LOVE that she’s passionate about this.. She is just so creative. Her designs are phenomenal.. She already has two slightly sketched..

Then we talked about her dance group. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to perform in the recital because she’s going to Europe next year. The teacher is devastated. So now my kid is helping choreograph the pieces.. I encourage her alot, telling her to never sell herself short of her talents.. She’s actually very very good at creating dance movements to music.

We talked politics.. Well it began wtih her asking “what’s a politician”… LMAO!! She asks dumb questions like that. Not that she didn’t know but she needed a definition. So instead, we ended up in a discussion. Something I never do is talk politics. I watched her face as I spoke and it was really cool to see her listen.. Take in MY VIEW..

So yep!! That’s my kid.. Oh she danced for us.. Told us how we make her sad, by feeding her broccoli rabe.. HAHA!!

I wish everyone can develop this kind of relationship with their kids.. I truly do.. I work hard at being a mom..