On Top of the World

Strange title for a post today, isn’t it.. Especially knowing that I’ve lost the biggest contract, so not certain of the future of my business and my health issues are also in limbo…

But the way I look at things is that there’s always ways to improve.. THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE..

Work related:

So now I have to aggressively find other ways to keep steady income for the business. Make some changes, cut costs.. I can do this.. I know I can


Lots of tests but like I said before, my day to day life is not being hampered.. I like being lazy anyways, so what if I can’t do anything too stenuous.. HAHA!! Think of all my Veterans without limbs.. (just saying)  and my mother-in-law suffering before she passed with pancreatic cancer.. So I have nothing to complain about


I have a wonderful supportive husband (for the most part HA) and a daughter, whom i don’t even know what I did to deserve..  Life is always fun with them, when we’re not fighting..

My Goals

Just to live life a day at a time.. Enjoy the things that makes me happy. Hopefully, make it to Carnival next February. Explore my photography a bit more (not professionally).. Maybe start sewing again, now that my daughter is getting into it.. We’ll make a great team.. Get excited about reading again..


The inspiration for my post came last night… I was not feeling well after my doctor’s visit and my hubby had to take care of business. While waiting in the lobby for him to get us, that was a couple with their two girls at the christmas tree.. They were trying to get a holiday photo of the girls.. Not having much luck, I blurted out “i’m a photographer, would you like me to take some shots” WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM??

Unfortunately, my hubby showed up and I gave them my apartment number telling them to leave a note if they’d like to me to do it for them.. They welcomed the thought and I am quite excited about the prospect of doing this.. HAHA!!

So just when you think you’re having a bad day, little glimmer of hope can occur and inspirations sets in.. So when I got home, I decided to just take a photo of the skyline to let you guys know again how thankful I am for this view.